This house for a family living with disability was recognized with the 2009 Accessible Design Honor Award from the Boston Society of Architects and MA Architectural Access Board. Our design includes an addition, an elevator, renovated bathrooms and kitchen, a ramped entrance, and accessible decks, for a home that promotes independence as well as interaction - for all members of the family


This two-story addition supports a variety of family activities – cooking together, homework at the dining table, piano practice, reading and art projects. As any addition can create interior rooms, the design challenge is to enliven and enlighten these spaces. We've placed a lav, stairs, and library at the house's center, and widened and aligned openings between rooms for maximum daylighting.


Cathedral ceilings and expansive windows give a spacious feeling to this modest-sized room, while attention to detail in the design of millwork and lighting creates intimate places for family gathering. With a media center, toy storage, study desks, an informal eating area, and links to 2 adjoining rooms, this is truly a Great family room!


This Italianate house offered plenty of design inspiration. With a new great-room on the main level and a bedroom above, our addition serves the needs of a growing family. With selective interior remodeling we were able to transform the kitchen’s functionality, expand the family bathroom, and add a laundry, all within the original footprint.

House For Family Life

The homeowners wanted a larger kitchen and family bathroom, and a home office and a lavatory. Our modest one-story addition met all these needs, while also providing a spacious mudroom, laundry, a second full bathroom, larger master closets, and a more functional living room. Strategic placement of doors and windows increased useable space while improving cross-ventilation and daylight.

Tudor Expansion

A two-phased project increased the house from three to five bedrooms, expanded the yard, added a second garage, and reduced driveway length and grade. In Phase One we relocated the garage, thereby releasing space for both a 3-story addition, a 2-car garage, and a larger yard. In Phase Two we added two bedrooms and a bathroom above the garage.




We create homes that support family life, using a collaborative approach that makes it easy for homeowners to participate as actively as they like. Together we create wonderful great-rooms, relaxing bedrooms, welcoming entries, workable kitchens and utility spaces, comfortable bathrooms, and fully-accessible homes, within the context of renovations, additions, and new construction.